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October’s very special offer is Second Chapter, a box-set containing the novels, I Stopped Time, These Fragile Things and A Funeral for an Owl.  All three have average 5-star ratings on Amazon. The price has been reduced to £3.50 or $4.99 (normally £4.99/$6.99).   

I’m especially grateful to readers who take the trouble to post reviews. I believe that the importance of reviews in helping boost sales should be acknowledged.

Use the Contact form to send me a link to your review to claim your reward. If you are among the first ten readers to post a review of any one of my novels, I will send you a signed copy of one of my other paperback books. If you are among the first fifty readers to post a review, I will send you an e-book of one of my other novels. (Please specify which book and format you would like.)

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