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Watch this space for launch details of my forthcoming novel, My Counterfeit Self. In the meanwhile, here’s a preview of chapter one. Reading at Waterstones, Covent Garden, for Novel London.

NEW! Special offers & reader rewards

A Funeral for an Owl was downloaded by over 27,000 readers last month when it was free for a limited period. I was sceptical about whether a download would equate a read but the number of reviews flooding in has convinced me the answer is yes!

Mary M wrote ‘Here’s one to love!’

Liesbeth wrote, ‘Don’t you just love a book which has you gripped from the first sentence?’

Abby42 called it ‘one of the most powerful and moving books I have read in a long time.’

Andrew Kennett said, ‘The writing is rich without being suffocating, the tale is bleak without being hopeless, and the ending is happy without being saccharine.’

But there was more to come. In fact, some reviewers made very flattering comparisons.

Robin Singleton wrote, ‘The writing reminded me of Ian Rankin (but different subject matter) and of Kate Atkinson.’

Ida-cow wrote, ‘This isn’t quite To Kill a Mockingbird, but in so many ways it’s pretty darned close.’

This month ‘Owl’ (or ‘Death of an Owl’ as one reader referred to it) will be a very reasonable 99p/99c.

A Funeral for an Owl cover reduced

Grab your copy now!

I believe that the importance of reviews in helping boost sales should be acknowledged.

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