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Who will buy? Jane Davis ponders ebook pricing

Who decides when the price is right? And what is the author's cut?

Yesterday I joined a discussion in a forum for a group of self-confessed book lovers. An on-line book club, if you like. One member commented that she had noticed a steep hike in the cost of ebooks and didn’t understood the reason for it. Others rushed to agree. Time for a little clarification: (1)    Ebooks…
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Author Interview: Jane Davis

A Funeral for an Owl

This interview originally appeared on Triskele Books Blog 16th May 2014. Questions were put to Jane by author JJ Marsh.   Jane, thanks for joining us at The Triskele Bookclub. Thank you for inviting me. Can we start with the cover? How did you, or your designer, create such a beautiful image? Having worked with…
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These Fragile Things: The Interview

Life can change in a split second. And there will be nothing you can do to stop it. This intense and emotionally-charged portrait of a family deep in crisis will have you reflecting on all that you believe to be true. ‘Davis is a phenomenal writer whose ability to create well rounded characters that are easy…
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Why I Changed my Book Title to ‘I Stopped Time’

I must admit that ‘I Stopped Time’ was not my original title for my story of how Sir James Hastings discovers the mother he never knew through her body of work. However, reading accounts of pioneering photographers, it soon became apparent that it was the phrase that best expressed most photographers’ feelings about what it…
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I Stopped Time – The Interview

Asked to provide information about my best-selling self-published book, I realised that I have nothing on my own blog about I Stopped Time. So here I am interviewing myself. Where did you find your inspiration for ‘I Stopped Time’? Reading a biography of Lee Miller, one of my heroines. I knew her photography but, as…
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I Stopped Time receives Awesome Indies seal of approval

I’m delighted to announce that I Stopped Time has now received a seal of approval from top indie fiction accreditation site, Awesome Indies. Awesome Indies is the brainchild of Tahlia Newman, who says of the award, ‘My idea is to honour the Indie authors who produce a high quality product and to direct readers towards the…
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These Fragile Things receives Awesome Indies seal of approval

Awesome Indies is the brainchild of Tahlia Newman, who says of the award, ‘My idea is to honour the Indie authors who produce a high quality product and to direct readers towards the Indie Gold that lies hidden amongst the avalanche of available books.’ And it is a challenge to strike gold. Readers are often…
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Have Book, Will Travel

Earlier this month, I asked readers who were taking one of my books on holiday to send in their photos. Here are just a few. With Franky Merritt at Amadores Beach, Gran Canaria  With Helen Williams in Tuscany With Sarah Marshall at Cigarette Island, Hampton Court Hi Jane,  just back from our cruise.  Thoroughly enjoyed ‘Half…
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Fiction by Jane Davis is now featured on Ascribe Novel Solutions

Without wading through the controversy surrounding the Guardian’s first two Self-Published Novel of the Month awards, how can readers discover the very best in independent publishing? This is where recently launched website Ascribe Novel Solutions steps in. All of the novels featured on Ascribe carry a recommendation from either a traditionally published author, a literary agent, a literary consultant…
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Close Encounters in Pelican Park

The working title for my novel, AN UNCHOREOGRAPHED LIFE, was Pelican Park (better known to some as St James’s Park) where many pivitol scenes take place.  Regular visitors will be aware that the pelicans often retreat to a rocky outcrop, where only the zoom lenses of those standing on the terrace of the Swiss Cottage can reach them. Today we…
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