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‘Few writers are so adept at capturing the emotions of their characters.’ Book Viral

You’ve reached the home of Jane Davis: author of awarding-winning novels Half-truths and White Lies and An Unknown Woman, reader favourite I Stopped Time and more. My novels straddle the contemporary, historical, literary and women’s fiction genres. Expect complex characters, meaty moral dilemmas and a scattering of dark family secrets!  If you love thought-provoking fiction, you’re in the right place.
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Three women defy others’ expectations of them and pay the price society demands.

‘Another triumph from indie author Jane Davis in this gloriously gritty novel that engages head-on with a post-war London struggling to re-boot itself and wider society, amid ongoing privations. Against this authentic backdrop, the dawning realisation that Britain needed to change and to challenge former ingrained inequalities (particularly the structural disadvantage of women) is deftly explored by the author, through the lived experiences of three fictional women in the 1950s.’ BurfoBookish

‘A reminder that good things happen. Not always despite the tragedies in life but sometimes because of them, inextricably entwined.’ Jean Gill

‘Provocative and compelling.’ Lorraine Devon Wilke

‘A novel that unfolds like a movie.’ Kathleen Jones

Read about my inspiration for the book here or visit the book page At the Stroke of Nine O’Clock.  

Smash all the Windows wins the Selfies 2019, a new a new award that celebrates the quality of self-published authors. The award is run by BookBrunch in association with London Book Fair and sponsored by IngramSpark. 

You write a book about something you’re passionate about and hope that it will resonate with others, but you never really know what the reaction will be…

‘This book was simply stunning – a portrait of grief and loss with immense emotional depth.’ ~ Anne Williams, Being Anne

‘Jane Davis is one of those authors whose books all have an entirely different feeling to each other, Smash All The Windows being another example of what ties them all together: the brilliant depiction of the characters, whatever their age, circumstance or time period.’ ~ Cleopatra Loves Books, Top 500 reviewer.

‘This fictional disaster echoes with real emotions. I read it twice and believed every word.’ ~ J J Marsh, Author

‘What a book! I found it incredibly hard to put down.’ ~ Tara Greaves

‘With a full cast of true-to-life Londoners and a fascinating and timely premise, Davis casts a spell over her readers.’ ~ Kendra Olson

‘This is a stunning book, written by an author so skilled at both the big and little, the near and far, the personal and the collective, that you’ll walk away from the conclusion feeling as if you’ve truly been on a journey.’ ~ Lorraine Devon Wilke, Author

‘Believe me when I say I am so engrossed that the building could fall down around me and I would not look up from my book!’ ~ Beth Allen, US

My grateful thanks to my advance readers and everyone who has posted a review, emailed me, or commented on social media about how much they are enjoying my novel. It really does make a huge difference! 

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