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To mark the launch of three new audiobooks, Saga Egmont invited me to talk about the inspiration behind Smash all the Windows, Small Eden and I Stopped Time. 

Jane Davis, the ‘One to watch’.

Want to know what it means to be a hybrid author? Read ALLi’s ultimate guide to being a hybrid author, with honest appraisals of the pros and cons, & a contribution from yours truly! https://selfpublishingadvice.org/the-ultimate-guide-to-being-a-hybrid-author/

Debbie Young offers insights into the varied ways that authors choose their characters’ names, with a small contribution from yours truly. buff.ly/3XFqgBz

Interviews and reviews for The Bookseller’s Wife





Interviews and reviews for Small Eden


Small Eden appears on Margarita Morris’s favourite books of 2022 list. 

Review for Historical Novel Society by Sally Zigmond. 

Review for The Historical Fiction Company  

The Coffee Pot Blot Tour, Tour dates

Blog Tour stop #1 at the Archaeolibrarian

Blog Tour stop #2 at the Historical Fiction Company

Blog Tour stop #3, Elizabeth St John’s website (read an extract)

Blog Tour stop #4 on the Book Bandit’s Library 

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Blog Tour stop #6 on Mary Ann Bernal’s website, 5 fun facts about Jane!

Blog Tour stop #7 on Mary’s Bookcase – read an extract.

Blog Tour stop #8 on Ruins and Reading, the history of pleasure gardens. 

Blog Tour stop #9, B for Book Reviews

Blog Tour stop #10, A Thousand Suns

Blog Tour stop #11, Candlelight Reading (interview)

Blog Tour stop #12, Pam Lecky’s Official Blog (extract)

Blog Tour stop #13, Paul Walker author (extract)

Blog Tour stop #14, Historical Fiction Blog, Scarlet Fever’s Terrible Toll

Blog Tour stop #15, Of History and Kings, book review

Blog Tour stop #16 on The Coffee Pot Book club – read an extract! 

Blog Tour stop #17 on A Darn Good Read, book review

Blog Tour stop #18 on Oh Look, Another Book (spotlight)

Guest post with Margarita Morris. Setting Free the Parakeets. 

Review from The Chocolate Lady

Eve of publication interview with Helena Halme.

Sunday Brunch Interview on Jaffa Reads Too 

An interview on Being Anne

Who Lives is a House Like This? Guest spot on Linda’s Book Bag.

Interview on Alison Morton’s Writing blog

Review from Darlene Jones

Historical Novels Blog Tour for Small Eden

Passages to the Past: Review and Giveaway

Jill’s Book Cafe, Five on Friday Feature

Review on Discovering Diamonds

Review from Jaffa Reads Too.

Interviews and reviews for At the Stroke of Nine O’Clock

London, 1949. The lives of three very different women are about to collide.

‘This is the first time I have come across this author, and what a revelation! She writes stunning prose that keeps the pages turning.’ Historical Novel Society, Editor’s Choice.

Friday Night Drinks with A Little Book Problem. 

Book Review from BurfoBookish

In Conversation with JJ Marsh 

An interview with Sharon Black

An interview with author Margarita Morris

An interview for Angelena Boden 

An interview with Clare Flynn

Guest blog for Andrew Wallace: Female Violence

Review from The Chocolate Lady’s Book Review Blog

Author Spotlight on Jaffa Reads Too

Interview with Jay Lemming

The Glorious Outsiders – Indie Author of the Month

Interview for Sarah Tinsley Sarah Scribbles

As featured in The Lady Magazine

Smash all the Windows

It has taken conviction to right the wrongs. It will take courage to learn how to live again.

Winner of The Selfies Book Awards 2018

Finalist in the 2018 IAN Book of the Year Awards

‘An all-round triumph.’ John Hudspith

Included by Ezvid Wiki in their selection of thought-provoking books written by women.  

Interview with Howard Lovy for The Alliance of Independent Authors

My own reaction to winning The Selfies Award

Announcement on The Selfies Award website

Announcement about The Selfies Award in ALLi Self-Publishing News

Announcement about The Selfies Award in Book Brunch (subscribers only) 

Fictionfire Blog about The Selfies Book Award

Announcement about The Selfies Book Award in Publishing Perspectives

Bookollective Blog about The Selfies Book Award

Books and Publishing about The Selfies Book Award

Comments from my fellow shortlistee, Kathleen Jowitt

The Passive Voice comments on The shortlist 

Publishers Weekly – Shortlist announced for The Selfies Book Award

Books and Publishing announce the shortlist for The Selfies Book Award

Book Brunch announce The Selfies Book Award 

Ingram Spark named as sponsors of The Selfies Book Award  

Interview for Jay Lemming

Interview for John Lynch

Interview for Elizabeth Gates

Guest post on Literascribe 

Interview for Lucy Biederman

Interview for The Haunted Historian 

Interview for Being Anne

Interview for Andrew Wallace

Interview for Angelena Boden

Interview for J J Marsh

Interview for Rosemary J. Kind

Interview for Tara Greaves, After the Rain Comes the Sunshine

Interview for Margarita Morris

Review from Cleo Bannister, Cleopatra Loves Books

Interview for Jaffa Reads Too

Interview for Roz Morris

Interview with Ali Bacon

Triskele Book – Book Club discussion 

Bookmuse review of Smash all the Windows 

Darlene Jones review of Smash all the Windows

Interviews and reviews for My Counterfeit Self

From the award-winning author of Half-truths and White Lies and An Unknown Woman, comes an emotional story of hidden identities, complicated passions and tangled truths.

‘Completely gripping, excellently written and so skilfully put together, I can’t recommend My Counterfeit Self highly enough.’ ~ Isabel Wolff, author of Ghostwritten


Interview with Lambert Nagle

Author interview with Clare Flynn

Guest Blog on Authors Electric: How childhood illness can shape adult creativity

Review from Bookmuse

Interview with author Margarita Morris

Interview with memoirist, Karen Lee

Interview on Harriet Steele’s blog

Interview with Betsy Talbot

Interview with Rohan Quine

Interview with Ellie Stevenson

Review from Books, Life and Everything

Guest Blog on Pills and Pillow-talk: The Plight of the Atomic Veterans

Interview on Boxing the Octopus: Who is Lucy Forrester? 

Interview on Scarborough Mysteries; ‘Made-up truth’ by Jane Davis 

Interview on Between the Lines

Review from Hodge Publishing

Review from The Chocolate Lady

Interviews and reviews for An Unknown Woman

Fire destroyed her present. Secrets destroyed her past.

Writing Magazine’s Self-Published Book of the Year 2016

‘A firestorm of a novel. Davis reminds us that families often have secrets at their heart: ticking time bombs just waiting for a stray spark.’ – Paul Murphy

An Unknown Woman final reduced

Review in Bookmuse newsletter

Review for Bookmuse (2)

Review in The Chocolate Lady’s Book Reviews 

Interview for the Independent Authors’ Network

Room With Books

Guest Post on Books Go Social

Interview with IndieBerlin

Interview on Fiction Dreams with author Suzy Turner

Interview at Alison Morton’s Writing Blog

Interview on The Book Diner

Interview for Time and Leisure Magazine 

Bookaholic’s Review

Putitinwriting’s Review

Jane Davis drops by Dottie’s Teahouse

TLR Book Reviews 

Outside the Box: Women Writing Women

In February 2015, I collaborated with six other indie authors to produce a limited edition box set. Interviews appeared in the national press and publications from the book industry. 


Featured in the Guardian newspaper’s article about how women are dominating self-publishing

Six-page spread in New Edition Contemporary Publishing Magazine

Guests at E-book Revolution

Guests at Literascribe, Boxing Clever 

Reedsy, What Makes an Author Bundle Successful?

Guest Post on How to Plan a Box-set 

Interviews and reviews for An Unchoreographed Life

You can’t have it all. So what must you choose to lose? And will it be worth the sacrifice?

“Don’t let this brilliant book pass you by!” Amazon reviewer.


An interview with Dan Holloway on the release of An Unchoreographed Life

An interview with Piers Alexander on the release of An Unchoreographed Life 

An interview with Lindsay Stanberry Flynn on the release of An Unchoreographed Life

Amie McCracken Book Review

Self-publishers Showcase Review

Bookmuse Review


A Funeral for an Owl

A schoolyard stabbing sends wingbeats echoing from the past.

One shocking event. Two teachers risk their careers to help a boy who has nothing. Three worlds intersect and collide.

‘If you want to laugh and cry and stamp and cheer – all in the space of a few hours – then this book is the one for you.’ Bookmuse


An interview with Indie Authorland on the release of A Funeral for an Owl

A Funeral for an Owl on Room With Books

An interview with JJ Marsh of Triskele Books on A Funeral for an Owl

JJ Marsh’s review of A Funeral for an Owl

Gillian Hamer’s review of A Funeral for an Owl for Bookmuse

Chosen by Chantelle Atkins as her indie book of the month February 2018

Interview for The Glorious Outsiders

A Book Lover’s Attic Review

Self-Publisher’s Showcase Review

Bridget’s Readings, Ramblings, Recipes and Randoms (review of audiobook)

Not Without My Book (review of audiobook) 

These Fragile Things

Life can change in a split second. And nothing you can do will stop it.

‘Very occasionally a story jumps out at you with a raw burst of originality and thought-provocation that goes deeper than most, leaving you pondering the issues and plot lines unfolding in front of you. That story is These Fragile Things.’ ~ Lorraine Devon Wilke, Author


Profile on Nothing Binding

Profile for Author Marketing Club on release of These Fragile Things

Review for These Fragile Things on allonmybooks

Reviews for These Fragile Things, I Stopped Time and A Funeral for an Owl on Cleopatra Loves Books

Excerpt for These Fragile Things appears on Fresh Fiction

Compulsion Reads review featured on Library Thing 

Awesome Indies review

Review by Andrew Burford 

Review by Darlene Jones

I Stopped Time

What if the villain of your childhood turned out to be someone really rather extraordinary?

‘A perfectly written book in which the author never puts a foot wrong.’ Author, John Lynch


Review by BurfoBookish

Feature on Being Anne, award-winning book blog

Review by Curious Book Fan 

An Interview with Sylvia Browder

Interview with allonmybooks about writing historical fiction

I Stopped Time makes The Guardian Newspaper’s Top 30 reader recommendations for 2013 

Review for I Stopped Time in The Yorker 

Review for I Stopped Time in Bookmuse

Review for I Stopped Time in Debbie Young’s Writing Life

Article on I Stopped Time for Good Kindles

Review by Juliette Foster, Originally appeared in Surrey Life Magazine 

Half-truths and White Lies

Winner of the Daily Mail First Novel Award

Half-truths & White Lies is a beautifully crafted, thought-provoking novel that questions the influence of the people who are missing from our lives. It examines the thin line between love and friendship, looking at our complex emotional needs. It also explores how one woman’s life is dictated by her desire for children, whilst another’s is shaped by her decision not to have them.

htawl_sliderBook-Chick City interview on Half-truths and White Lies

On winning the Daily Mail First Novel Award, hosted by What Shall I Read?

An interview with Jen Campbell



Author Interviews

Guest post about The Importance of Cover Design for Karl Drinkwater

Q & A for Whitefox

Interview for Reedsy

Blog for Alliance of Independent Authors – How to use BookBub to Boost Sales 

Blog featured on Writers’ Workshop – The Roller-Coaster Route

Independent Author Network Page

JD Bench 034_1Morgen Bailey: Blog interview no.165 with novelist Jane Davis

Podcast interview with Morgen Bailey part 1

Podcast interview with Morgen Bailey part 2

Podcast interview with Morgen Bailey part 3

Newsbubble – double book launch announcement

Getting to Know the Author, an interview for Glynis Smy’s Blog