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Second Chapter: The Box Set

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The Bookseller’s Wife
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Second Chapter: The Box Set


A collection of three standalone novels from an award-winning author

‘Like Margaret Atwood, Davis seems to be able to conjour a fresh, new voice and style for every story, be it a man’s rediscovery of his mother through her photographs, the taboo of pupil/teacher relationships outside the classroom or a haunting tale of a young girl and her visions.’ ~ Peter Snell, Bookseller

I Stopped Time

Wouldn’t you feel cheated if the woman you’d imagined was the villain of your childhood turned out to be someone rather extraordinary?

From the bracing seafront and cobbled lanes of Edwardian Brighton to London’s glittering society and the frenetic motor-racing circuit at Brooklands, I Stopped Time is a spellbinding story of self-discovery, creativity and emotional reckoning that seamlessly weaves together the past and the present.

“A perfectly written book in which the author never puts a foot wrong.” ~ Author, John Lynch



A Funeral for an Owl

If you enjoyed My Name is LeonWhen God was a Rabbit and To Kill a Mockingbird, you’ll fall in love with this powerful exploration of when to break the rules and why. 

‘If you want to laugh and cry and stamp and cheer – all in the space of a few hours of reading – this is the book for you.’ ~ Bookmuse



These Fragile Things

Life can change in a split second. And nothing you can do will stop it.

If you enjoy novels that take on big themes of mortality, the fragility and preciousness of life, and the dangers and consolation of faith, you’ll fall in love with These Fragile Things. Perfect for fans of Barbara Kingsolver and Emma Donoghue.

“Very occasionally a story jumps out at you with a raw burst of originality. This is that moment.” ~ Lorraine Devon Wilke, Author



‘Jane Davis crafts imaginative ideas into beautiful prose. Each book is a jewel so this box set is a trove of treasures.’ ~ J J Marsh, Founder of Triskele Books and Author of the Beatrice Stubbs Series

What do the featured novels have in common? ‘It took me some time to work out that the common theme running through my novels is the influence that missing persons have in our lives. In my experience, it can actually be greater than that of those who are present. In I Stopped Time, it was an estranged mother. I addressed the theme head-on in A Funeral for an Owl which considers teenage runaways. And in These Fragile Things mother Elaine is obsessed by the child she lost, almost to the exclusion of the child she has. Fiction is never going to provide a complete answer, but it does force both writer and reader to walk in another person’s shoes. And, in many ways, it is the exploration and not the answer that is important.’

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Publication Details:

Published: February 1, 2015
Publisher: Jane Davis
Book Type: ebook
Book Format: epub/mobi/PDF
Kindle ASIN: B00STUSK50

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