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A Funeral for an Owl


If you enjoyed My Name is LeonWhen God was a Rabbitand To Kill a Mockingbird, you’ll fall in love with this powerful exploration of when to break the rules and why.

‘If you want to laugh and cry and stamp and cheer – all in the space of a few hours of reading – this is the book for you.’ ~ Bookmuse

It takes a special kind of boy to convince a high school teacher to put his career on the line.



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“Let me tell you what I’m willin’ to do for you. We start a new gang. Very exclusive. You and me.”

Times have changed since Jim Stevens chose to teach. Rules that are meant to protect children now makes all pupil/teach relationships taboo – even those that might benefit a student. But the alternative is to involve social services.

“Promise me one thing, Sir. I you decide you gotta pick up that phone, you need to tell me first so that I can disappear myself. Because I ain’t havin’ none of that.”  

What kind of boy would cause Jim to put his career on the line? Shamayal Thomas can clothe a word in sarcasm; disguise disdain with respect. So what is it that Jim finds he has in common with 14-year-old as they study a large framed photograph of an owl. Aimee White’s owl, to be specific.

“The wings, all spread out and that. They’re kind of like an angel’s.”

On the last day of the summer term, Ayisha Emmanuelle hears the familiar chant of “Fight! Fight! Fight!” and swears under her breath. But when she hurries to break up what she assumes is a schoolyard skuffle, she finds her colleague Jim Stevens bleeding from a stab-wound and losing consciousness.

In the messy aftermath, after Shamayal reveals that he and Jim are friends, Ayisha knows she should report her colleague. But with Jim in hospital fighting for his life, she hesitates. Now, all she can do is wait and see if her instinct was right.



Praise for A Funeral for an Owl

‘A multi-layered story that hooks you from the beginning.’ Liza Perrat, Author

‘An incredible eye for character.’  Compulsion Reads

‘Jane Davis has the insight and sensitivity of a great writer.’  Awesome Indies

‘Jane reminds me of Margaret Atwood, in that all her books are very different and seem to be written in different voices. The quality and readability is consistent in all her works and I would heartily recommend this grittier tale of modern urban living.’  Peter Snell, Bookseller

‘Everything about this novel surprised me – from the title to the final page it was a joy.’ Gillian Hamer

‘Every once in awhile you read a book that really makes you stop and think about the relationships people have with other people or family members that shapes their whole future. I believe that this is one of those books.’ Theresa

‘Don’t you just love a book which has you gripped from the first sentence?’ Lisbeth

A story teller with a keen eye for detail and a very good grasp of dialogue.’ ~ John Ironmonger, author of Not Forgetting the Whale

‘Vibrant characters, filled with so much depth that you can’t help but fall in love with them.’ ~ Compulsion Reads

‘Absolutely nails the moral dilemmas we live with in a modern society that is supposed to protect the most vulnerable.’ ~ The Book Witch

‘I wish there was a ‘Jim’ out there for every person in Shamayal’s situation! Read the book and you’ll understand what I mean.’ ~ Tracy

I’m totally thrilled that Chantelle Atkins chose A Funeral for an Owl as her Second Chapter.

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A Funeral for an Owl: JJ Marsh interviews Jane Davis

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A Funeral for and Owl by Jane Davis is endorsed by Bookmuse

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Publication Details:

Published: 20 November 2013
Publisher: Jane Davis
Book Type: Book
Book Format: Paperback/Kindle Edition/epub/mobi
ISBN 10: 1493504088
ISBN 13: 978-1493504084

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