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The Selfies Shortlist: Spotlight on The Ring Breaker by Jean Gill

An epic medieval saga of the last Vikings

Shortlisted for the Selfies Book Awards 2023 and the 2022 Chaucer Award. In the twilight of the old gods, when the last Vikings rule the seas, two cursed orphans meet on an Orkney beach… As thrilled as I am to be shortlisted for a third time for The Selfies Book Awards, I am all too…
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Virtual Book Club: Richard Fulco introduces We are all Together

Today I’m delighted to welcome Richard Fulco to Virtual Book Club, my author interview series in which authors have the opportunity to pitch their book to your book club. Richard’s debut novel, There is no End to This Slope (Wampus), was published in March 2014. His new novel, We are all Together, was published by Wampus…
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Equality in the Eyes of the Law?

Rosemary J Kind and I have several things in common. We both write historical fiction. In our latest releases we tackle the complicated theme of justice. “Equal justice under law is not merely a caption on the facade of the Supreme Court building, it is perhaps the most inspiring ideal of our society. It is…
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Virtual Book Club: Virginia Moffatt introduces Echo Hall

Today, I’m delighted to welcome Virginia Moffatt to Virtual Book Club, my interview series which gives authors the opportunity to pitch their novels to your book club. Virginia was born in London, one of eight children, several of whom are writers. Her eldest brother writes about theology and politics, one sister is a poet, a…
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A Virtual Book Club Special: Victoria Dougherty introduces ‘Breath’

I’m not sure I’m entitled to refer to today’s author interview as an episode of Virtual Book Club. You see, it concerns a book that doesn’t yet exist. Despite this obstacle, its author Victoria Dougherty wants to convince you that you’ll want to read it. In fact, she’d like you to help bring this book to…
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Virtual Book Club: Meet Adam Bethlehem

Virtual Book Club is back after its summer break and today I’m delighted to welcome Adam Bethlehem. Adam was born in London but grew up in South Africa. He trained as a doctor and taught physiology before returning to England to study physics. Triple Point Press was founded in 2014 – Mr Einstein and Me…
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Novel London: Where writers meet readers through words

This week Virtual Book Club is taking a break and, instead, I’m delighted to welcome Novel London founder, Safeena Chaudhry, to my blog. Safeena completed a BA Writing at Middlesex University, having spent her last term organising the Literature Festival. She trained as a camera operator and editor but took a break to complete her debut novel, Companions…
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Ditching the Glitter Bomb

Organising indieberlin's First Ever Book Fair, by Noel Maurice

We started out with big ideas. Well doesn’t everyone? There was nothing standing in our way. Apart from the fact that I for one can’t organise my way out of a paper bag. And I speak from experience. Polly would be gone, shuffling tourists around ancient Greece, for most of the months leading up to…
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Virtual Book Club: Kathy Shuker talks about her novel, Silent Faces, Painted Ghosts

Today, I’m delighted to welcome Kathy Shuker to Virtual Book Club, an interview series in which I put questions to authors about their latest releases. Kathy was born and raised in the north west of England. She trained as a physiotherapist but soon had to give the work up due to a back injury. Subsequently…
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Fat Nude Writing

A guest post from Joni Rodgers

Born into a family gospel/ bluegrass band, Joni grew up on stage, opening for huge-haired, sequin-bedazzled country-western legends of the 1960s. She has always loved setting words in rows and started seriously writing in the 1980s while living on a fire tower in California’s Trinity Wilderness with her husband. She kept writing for the love of it as…
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