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Struck by Lightning

After a week of publicity, I am now back at home researching material for my new book. Without giving too much away, I am reading into true stories of people who have been struck by lightning. As someone who has always turned off all of the electricity in the house and hidden under the table at the first rumble of thunder, I think that you should know that, despite what your mother told you, there is no point in counting the seconds between the thunder and the flash of lightning: if you can hear the thunder at all, you are well within the danger zone. And who is most at risk? Men with golf clubs (Be warned, Andy W. and Matt, I would hate to have to say I told you so) followed closely by people wearing i-Pods and mountain climbers (I’m glad to report that the Scottish contingency all made it back home intact). And if you live in the States, your chance of being struck by lightning increases from one in 3 million to one in 5000 if you reach the grand old age of eighty.