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Withdrawal symptoms

What a relief it is to be back on line after a week with no email or internet access! They say that the need to check your emails is like an addiction. I have felt completely stranded. So what were these communications that I was so anxious that I was missing out on? News of mid-season sales at Hobbs and Sweaty Betty (up to 50% per cent off, girls!). A Time Out newsletter telling me the best places to go for breakfast in the capital. An email from my MP asking for my views on fox-hunting (sorry, but I can’t trust myself to answer – I have a personal vendetta against the ones who dig up my garden and have scratched my car three times because my drive is bang in the middle of their path and it would be too much trouble to go around it). An invitation from the BBC to apply for tickets for a recording of Just a Minute. (I keep on telling them: Book Club  or Jools Holland, that’s what I want.) A few random jokes and a collection of photographs on animals titled, ‘have you ever been this tired?’ And the inevitable daily edit from Amazon telling me that as I have ordered a David Sylvian CD, so I may be interested in Avril Lavigne. But when I went to check my sales ranking – I’m not obsessed, you understand. I only do this once or twice a day – there it was: what us writers live for. A new five star review. So, thank you Sam, whoever you are. I can now relax.