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God, the Artist

Last night Matt and I attended the ‘preview’ of People and Places, an exhibition taking place at our local art gallery, Mine (at which I have a display until 7th August).

I felt very privileged to be one of the first to see a new limited edition book by the Spanish artist, Helena Sainz Moreno (also a poet). Helena draws seemingly simple but absolutely exquisite pen and ink drawings, and she has captured 50 of them in a new book about dreams. You see them and you feel that you must possess them! (She has now embarked on a project called British Weather, in which men in bowler hats take ducks on leads for walks.)

As we were leaving, we sought her out to say goodbye. We found her standing outside, cigarette in hand. Instead of wanting to listen to our compliments, she grabbed my arm excitedly and said, “Come along, I have the most beautiful picture to show you.”

I thought that she meant it was in the window of the arts and crafts shop next door, but she said, “No! It is by my favourite artist, God.”

Helena had been standing on the corner by the Coach and Horses, with a view of All Saints Church and the ponds, and the sun setting over the tops of the trees in Grove Park behind.    

There are times when I feel very lucky to be living in Carshalton.

Jane is exhibiting at Mine, Creative Space and Art Gallery, 30-34 Carshalton Village High Street, until 7th August. Open Daily from 11.00am to 6.00pm.