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Today, so far…

Today I have been interviewed by writer of short stories and poems and bookseller, Jen Campbell, for her blog (I highly recommend regular visits to for author interviews, advice for authors, etc.)

Jen has recently turned the content of her blog to gold when her idea, Weird Things People Say in Bookshops, was picked up by a publisher. Described as book for booksellers and book lovers alike, these are the sorts of gems we are talking about:

Customer: Do you have any second hand crosswords?

Me: You mean crosswords that have already been filled in?

Customer: Yes. I love crosswords, but they’re ever so difficult.
Jen has invited submissions from fellow booksellers and eavesdroppers everywhere.

ETA:  March next year, in hardback, and available to pre-order on Amazon (ignore what it says on there, it will be hardback). I’m reliably informed that any minute now you’ll be able to go into your local bookshop and request they keep a copy for you when it’s released.