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When a little bravery pays dividends

If you had a low-key book-marketing strategy that resulted in a hit rate of one in two, would your brave the occasional insult and try it more often?

A few weeks ago I had some book-marks printed to advertise the release of my new e-books. I began handing them out on trains to people who were reading but, due to combination of very few takers – two , in fact – and the abusive reaction of some  people I didn’t repeat the exercise. (To be honest, falling into the category of people who prefer to be left in peace when they have their nose/s buried in a book, I have some sympathy.)  

This evening, I was travelling home from London Bridge, when one of the two people  who took the book marks (the very lovely Anna from Holland) elbowed her way through a crowded train carriage asking me to autograph a copy of Half-Truths and White Lies and to tell me how much she was enjoying it.  

I am not sure who was more thrilled. Nothing ventured nothing gained…