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Fiction by Jane Davis is now featured on Ascribe Novel Solutions

Without wading through the controversy surrounding the Guardian’s first two Self-Published Novel of the Month awards, how can readers discover the very best in independent publishing?

This is where recently launched website Ascribe Novel Solutions steps in. All of the novels featured on Ascribe carry a recommendation from either a traditionally published author, a literary agent, a literary consultant or a professional editor working primarily with fiction. Its founder says, “In short, you won’t find a novel here unless it’s been quoted on by somebody who has earned their living out of the established fiction trade.”

That’s why I’m delighted that the site has chosen to feature These Fragile Things and I Stopped Time alongside works from authors I have enormous admiration for. In time, I hope to have professional endorsements for my two other self-published novels, A Funeral for an Owl and An Unchoreographed Life, but, at the same time, I think it is incredibly important that high standards are maintained. I am not someone who is simply ‘having a go’. As an independent author/publisher, my aim is to produce books that can be judged fairly, without prejudice or bias, alongside traditionally published books. And I certainly wouldn’t expect anyone to make concessions for me because of my self-published status.