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The Culprit, Software

I was lulled into a false sense of security when the testing for the video linkup for the Authors for Peace day went without a hitch. Today when I logged on successfully at 6.30am, my main fear was considerably more low-tech – how I was going to hold the telephone receiver and turn the pages of my book at the same time? Sadly, in live mode, the ‘send video’ button did not seem to be working quite so effectively, leaving Priya stalling for time. For those of you who know me and assumed the error was at my end, although 99 times out of 100  you would have been correct, I have it in writing from a lovely technician called Matti: “The software was the culprit, you are innocent.”

Fortunately, the reading was more straightforward. After listening to the other authors’ offerings – many personal – I was growing concerned that mine was a little light-weight. However, in search of a story within a story (one that would stand on its own two feet), I had stumbled on the only chapter of Half-truths and White Lies that made any reference to war, and conversely was of relevance on a day when the focus was of peace.

You can watch this record-breaking event by using the link below and entering the password, peace.