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German Publication

I’m delighted that the publication date of the German translation of Half-Truths and White Lies has been brought forward so that it is available for sale before Christmas. The reception so far from booksellers has been excellent:

“Thank you for this beautiful book, I couldn’t put it down!”

“Jane Davis tells this sensitive and multifaceted story brilliantly! I was very reluctant to put it down once it was over. A real treat. Thank you!”

“A stirring (patchwork-)family portrait!”

 “A brilliantly intricate, turbulent and sad story about family.”

 “Gripping entertainment which shows that not all in life is black or white.”

 “The story and the people in it touched my heart.”

 “Jane Davis takes the reader on a fascinating journey full of emotions and almost bizarre connections. Ideal reading for cold, rainy, snowy, sunny or just thoughtful days.”

 “A wonderful novel to gobble up in one bite, especially for younger women. A bit sad, a bit romantic, with a nice ending.”

I am not sure that I have ever managed to read an entire novel in one sitting, but it’s very flattering, and I’m very excited to think that my work will reach a wider audience. I am currently working on a German page for the website.