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Songs for Book Lovers

The Book Lovers, The Divine Comedy: Neil Hannon & Co. introduce literary greats in their own unique style. Singing along with the chorus is compulsory.

Books from Boxes, Maximo Park: There is genuine poetry here. Night falls and towns become circuit boards… And the packing of books in boxes symbolises the end of a relationship.

Every Day I Write the Book, Elvis Costello: This is a live recording with Ron Sexsmith taking the lead and begins with a rather lovely story of how the collaboration came to be.

Paperback Writer, The Beatles: A steady job versus writing? My sister Anne played this song for me the book launch party for Half-truths and White Lies. (Somehow, I had missed it off my playlist.) The truth is that, born the year after this single was released, the Beatles should have been part of my heritage but, instead, my parents fed us a diet of classical musical (with a little King Singers and Flanders and Swann thrown in for good measure). My father told me yesterday that Howard Goodall (Howard Goodall’s Story of Music, BBC2) has convinced him (finally) that they may have been a talented bunch after all!  

Read It in Books, Echo and The Bunnymen: Recording from the Peel Sessions. A little 80’s nostalgia. (Don’t they look young?)