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Book reviews: affirming – for all writers!

Seagulls, Brighton, Spring 2013

Seagulls, Brighton, Spring 2013

I’ve written before about how reviewers are the modern-day patrons of writers, but have  you ever agonized over what to write, wondering if an author will actually read your review and what it might mean to them?

Yeterday, I a new review was posted on for my photography-themed historical novel, I Stopped Time. From a photographer!  

Photography has always been a great passion of mine, as visitors to my Pinterest boards will know (If you haven’t dropped by before, can I suggest you start with ‘Inspiration’ and ‘Images I love.’) In writing I Stopped Time, I drew of the content of the notebooks kept by Lartique and Carolyn Burke’s biography of Lee Miller as well as my own feelings about the desire to capture a single moment in a rapidly-changing world.      

I have transcribed the review in full:

‘This book voiced everything I’ve held inside of me as a photographer. Stopping
time…looking at the world with a different perspective. I found it to be affirming of all artists, especially photographers. In the age of digitalization, we are given even more opportunity to craft our art. The novel’s heroine was creating artistic images that were cutting edge for the setting. Highly recommended if you enjoy Downton Abbey’s setting!’

Wonder no more. Your review does not have to ‘word perfect.’ It will be read. And it will mean the world.