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Writing-and-reading related Resolutions

Word Book Night is promoting a rather wonderful New Year’s resolution: to read more. I managed to double my reading time by opening a paperback at the breakfast table instead of turning on the news. In On Writing, Stephen King has given me permission to be thoroughly unsociable because I am a writer. As a result of this choice, I am far less depressed and equally as well informed.  

I had yet to decide on this year’s resolution but, after arriving home yesterday to find a lovely review on Amazon (which almost reduced me to tears), I have decided that I should reciprocate by writing more book reviews.

Writing can be a lonely, isolating and fattening (according to Alison Bavistock), and reader reviews are one of the first forms of feedback an author receives. Contact with the outside world! Proof that your writing – that manuscript that represents two years of your life – is on its way, having not only been purchased but read. Enjoyed. Perhaps it made someone think; laugh out loud on public transport; smile secretly; shed a tear.

Make an author happy and join me.