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These Fragile Things earns Top Indie Booksite Endorsement

Number One Indie Book Endorsement Site Gives Jane Davis’s Latest Novel the Thumbs Up

August 2013 – These Fragile Things written by Jane Davis has met the high quality standards set by Compulsion Reads and earned that organization’s esteemed endorsement.

The Compulsion Reads evaluation system is built upon assessing and endorsing those indie novels that possess the foundational components of a good story, including well-developed characters, strong pacing, a well-researched world and a powerful overall voice.

“The Compulsion Reads endorsement is all about discovering and highlighting the best indie books on the market and the talented authors behind them,” said Leslie Ramey, co-owner of Compulsion Reads. “When a reader sees the CR seal on a book’s cover, they know that they’re in for a good read. These Fragile Things meets this standard, and Jane Davis is definitely an author to keep an eye on.”

The Daily Mail agreed. Jane Davis won their First Novel Award in 2008 with her debut, Half-Truths and White Lies, described by Joanne Harris as ‘A story of secrets, lies, grief and, ultimately, redemption, charmingly handled by this very promising new writer.’

Her follow-up, These Fragile Things tackles the subjects of near-death experience and religious fervour. These are issues Jane Davis admits she is hardly qualified to tackle fully. Instead, she brings the premise down to one very simple question: what happens to an ordinary family when their daughter claims to be seeing visions. Of course the dynamics of the family will shift, but can they survive it?

“After spending so much time and effort writing and crafting These Fragile Things, it’s incredibly gratifying for me to earn the Compulsion Reads endorsement,” said the book’s author Jane Davis. “This distinction only underscores all my hard work and the powerful story within the pages of These Fragile Things.”

These Fragile Things is available for sale at Amazon and Smashwords. The ebook version is priced at £1.99, while the paperback version is priced at £8.99. Interested readers can also learn more about These Fragile Things by visiting the Compulsion Reads Endorsed Book library at

The author of three novels, Jane Davis lives in Carshalton, Surrey with her Formula 1 obsessed, star-gazing, beer-brewing partner, surrounded by growing piles of paperbacks, CDs and general chaos. For further information, or to sign up for pre-launch specials and notifications about future projects, visit the author’s website at You can also join her on:

Twitter: and

Compulsion Reads seeks to encourage higher readership of indie authors by providing a quality standard for independently published novels. The Compulsion Reads Endorsement is given to those books that pass an evaluation process based on the fundamental qualities of good storytelling. For more information on Compulsion Reads, visit To see all the novels that have received the Compulsion Reads Endorsement, visit the company’s Endorsed Book Library at