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An Unknown Woman wins Self-Published Book of the Year Award 2016

I’m thrilled to announce that my seventh novel, An Unknown Woman, has just been named Self-Published Book of the Year by Writing Magazine and the David St John Thomas Charitable Trust.

Writing Magazine’s editor Jonathan Telfer said that self-publishers impress more each year with levels of accomplishment shown and that choosing the winner had proved to be a formidable challenge.


One of the common misconceptions about self-publishing is that it means authors doing everything themselves. In reality, you are the manager of a micro business. One of the reasons the Writing Magazine award appealed to me so much is because it not only rewards exemplary writing, but high production values and strong attention to detail. As an independent publisher, these things are vitally important to me. I could write the best book in the world, but without great design and print quality, it simply wouldn’t sell.

“An outstanding publication in every way.” Jonathan Telfer, Editor, Writing Magazine.

I submitted one of my new ‘bookshop’ editions printed by Clays, with its striking cover by Andrew Candy, founder of Mine Art Gallery, (which has also won best fiction cover at Book Expo and a Brilliant Cover award from Book Viral)  and interior design by JD Smith Design. Including my fabulous team of beta readers, my copy editor, Helen Enefer, and proof-reader, Harry Matthews, it took the efforts of more than thirty-five people to produce the winning entry.


I was able to bring my experience to both the production process and the plot, which includes a book within a book – and that book is self-published. It seems rather fitting that a novel with a self-published book at its heart should win an award that recognises excellence in self-publishing.

I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who was involved in the project. This recognition is for all of you. (But I get to keep the prize, right?)


Jane’s books are available to purchase at Mine Art Gallery, Barton’s Bookshop (Leatherhead), and selected branches of Daunts, Foyles and Waterstone’s, or simply place an order with your favourite bookshop. You can also ask for it at your local library, or click here to purchase an e-Book.    




  1. Congratulations!! Well-deserved!

    Comment by Amy M. Reade on June 2, 2016 at 4:35 pm
  2. This is marvellous news – and I am especially happy that this has happened to someone who is so generous and encouraging to other self-published authors. Thank you for all you do, as well as for the pleasure of your writing …

    Comment by Tanya van Hasselt on June 29, 2016 at 7:24 am