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A very special offer: Free Reads for Smart Women

One weekend only. Twelve new worlds to discover.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. A very special promotion called Free Reads for Smart Women is taking place this weekend (24th – 28th February). This will give you the opportunity to snap up twelve FREE books by twelve brilliant women. But ignore the dates on the flyer. You can get it on the action. Right now. 

How do you like your fiction? Dramatic, thought-provoking, beautiful, award-winning, believable, imaginative, poignant, heart-racing, romantic, page-turning and courageous? We’ve got you covered.

Twelve women authors (myself included) are collaborating on a cross-promotional campaign, which will run from Friday 24th February until Tuesday 28th February. However, if you’re interested in snapping the books up now, you can!

It’s simple. this weekend, readers are welcome to download any or all of the twelve books – one by each author – absolutely free of charge. ‘What’s the catch?’ I hear the cynical among you cry. In return you must subscribe to the mailing list of the author of each book you choose. This means that you’ll get to hear from us with news and more exclusive offers.   

My offering is the award-winning An Unknown Woman.  If you already subscribe to my newsletter, please do read on. There are 11 other great books to choose from.  

By way of a teaser, I made a short video to show you a little more about the deal. 

Have I got your attention? All twelve books are displayed together on a single landing page hosted on novelist Helena Halme’s website. Just click on the cover of the books you’re interested in and you’ll be taken straight through to the sign-up page. It’s that simple!

It’s a totally cost-free way of discovering a new author – who we hope will soon become a new favourite.   


One comment

  1. Brilliant promotion – a great way to read authors new to me.

    Comment by Sally Salmon on February 24, 2017 at 5:30 pm