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A small celebration as the first batch of books arrives…

It’s always an exciting moment, tearing open the box containing the first print-run of your new novel. Fifth time round feels like quite an achievement. I deserve a drink. Cheers! To get your copy of An Unchoreographed Life, click here…   

Book Talk at Waterstones, Sutton

I have to admit that public speaking is not my favourite thing, but given that it is a necessary evil, last night’s talk at my local branch of Waterstone’s in Sutton was one of the more enjoyable events I have taken part in (and not only because we were able to extend the evening with a…
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German Publication

I am very excited that Half-Truths and White Lies has now been translated into German and will be released under the title ‘Wo Das Gluck wohnt’ (Where Happiness Lives) early in 2011.

A Student at the age of 43

Having left school at the age of 16 with a handful of O Levels and a swimming certificate, I am very excited to have been accepted as a student of Kingston University on their Creative Writing and Publishing MA starting next September. Mine must have been one of the least detailed application forms they have…
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January Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of the hardback large print edition of Half-truths and White Lies (designed for those with poor eyesight), I have two copies to give away on a first-come, first-served basis.

Today my age is 42

And I don’t mind at all, I really don’t. It’s just that this is about the age when the Davis family children started to make home-made badges for our dear father out of empty cornflake boxes, which we made him wear to work, naturally. And they were not descreet, oh no: they were the size of a…
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Audio Book

Today’s news is that Half-truths and White Lies is going to be made into an audio book. Given the choice, I would have Emily Blunt reading the part of Andrea, Stephen Fry reading the part of Peter and Zoe Wannemaker as Faye. Your suggestions please!

Party Time