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Virtual Book Club: Angelena Boden introduces Edna’s Death Cafe

Today, I’m delighted to welcome Angelena Boden to Virtual Book Club, my interview series which gives authors the opportunity to pitch their novels to your book club. Angelena describes herself as having a touch of the north wind in her nature. Her free spirit has taken her all round the world, living and working, absorbing…
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Behind the Book: The story behind Life in a Hospice: reflections on caring for the dying

This week, Virtual Book Club is taking a break and I’m handing over to Ann Richardson. Ann has worked as a social researcher most of her working life, writing books, articles and reports from interviews with ordinary people about specific health and social care problems. Most of this writing was addressed to professionals working in…
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Virtual Book Club: Lily Iona MacKenzie

Today, I’m delighted to welcome Lily Iona MacKenzie to Virtual Book Club, an interview series in which I put questions to authors about the books they’d like to persuade your club to read. If you want to pose a question of your own, you’ll have the opportunity to do so at the end. A Canadian…
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