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Virtual Book Club Special: A visit to BBC Radio 4 with Elizabeth Strout

James Naughtie is up against it. Not only is there a very loud demonstration taking place outside the building of the BBC, but he has a bad cold. ‘Your country gave this to me!’ he tells Pulitzer prizewinning author, Elizabeth Strout. ‘Oh, well,’ she shrugs, unapologetic, and in this way she is rather like her…
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For those with limited time for reading

With a few weekday afternoons on my hands, one of the things that I really enjoy doing is attending recordings of James Naughtie’s Bookclub at the BBC. For the price of a book and a train ticket, you are given something quite priceless: the opportunity to be part of an select studio audience and put your questions directly to the…
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Radio 4 Bookclub

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a recording of Radio 4’s Bookclub and to put questions to Linda Grant, author of When I Lived in Modern Times, which won the Orange Book Award in 2000. Linda spoke beautifully, so much so that she had answered most of the questions on my list…
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