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Who will buy? Jane Davis ponders ebook pricing

Yesterday I joined a discussion in a forum for a group of self-confessed book lovers. An on-line book club, if you like. One member commented that she had noticed a steep hike in the cost of ebooks and didn’t understood the reason for it. Others rushed to agree. Time for a little clarification: (1)    Ebooks…
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Sadie Jones at the Wimbledon Bookfest

It was a rotten Wednesday evening to be dragged out on: dark by six o’clock and relentlessly wet. The whole population of London had simulatiously forgotten how to drive and parking in Wimbledon Town centre – well, you could forget it! As I stood at the door of Waterstones on ticket collection duty, it seemed…
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Kamila Shamsie at the Wimbledon Bookfest

Kamila Shamsie is not the sort of speaker I had been hoping to see this week. She was frighteningly accomplished. Perhaps she should be. The author of five published novels, she is six years younger than me. By my rather crude calculations, she must have had her first novel published when she was in her mid-twenties….
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Alison Weir at Wimbledon Bookfest

It seemed very appropriate for Alison Weir, historian and now historical novelist, to hold her talk at Southside House, which is described, quite accurately it seems, as charmingly eccentric. Surrounded by heavy gilt-framed portraits and antiques, Alison gave her talk in the dim lighting of the music room. Although my view was obscured by a pillar, I was thoroughly…
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