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Virtual Book Club: Kat Michels introduces In A Time Never Known

Today, I’m delighted to welcome Kat Michels to Virtual Book Club, my interview series which gives authors the opportunity to pitch their novels to your book club. Kat lives in Los Angeles, CA, with her two puggles. She is the author of a historical fiction novel, three children’s book, and a series of mini-biographies about extraordinary…
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Not Forgetting the Art of Storytelling

Some people will say that the recently dramatisation of Poldark has put Cornwall back on the map. I disagree. For me, it is John Ironmonger’s wonderful Not Forgetting The Whale. This may seem strange because the setting of the novel is an imagined place. Population 307, St Piran is so far removed from the City of…
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Tomorrow’s Writers

This week, attending a book club meeting, I was asked the question, ‘Where are tomorrow’s writers going to come from?’ It was spoken with frustration by a primary school teacher who told me that parents don’t read to their children any more, that children don’t grow up seeing their parents reading at home, that living rooms are no longer lined…
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