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A Celebration of Reading, by Outside the Box: Women Writing Women

When we produced Outside the Box: Women Writing Women, we asked readers to take a risk. To step outside their comfort zones and try something new. An author or a genre they hadn’t experimented with in the past. This was no small ask. As Will Gompertz, arts editor for the BBC pointed out earlier this…
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Guest Post: by featured author Orna Ross

Orna Ross describes herself as a conscious creativist, a term she coined to describe those who apply the creative process to all aspects of life. She writes and publishes novels, poems and the Go Creative! books and is Founder/Director of the not-for-profit, global association for author-publishers, The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi). The Bookseller has…
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Outside the Box: why flawed characters are utterly compelling

Last week I saw a blog post by S J Huang mourning how writers’ desire to make fictional women somehow unobjectionable can flatten out everything that makes characters the most compelling.’ Warning: this link comes with a language alert. It isn’t helpful that much on-line advice on character development – and this was written by a woman,…
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