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Guest Post: by featured author Orna Ross

Orna Ross describes herself as a conscious creativist, a term she coined to describe those who apply the creative process to all aspects of life. She writes and publishes novels, poems and the Go Creative! books and is Founder/Director of the not-for-profit, global association for author-publishers, The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi). The Bookseller has…
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Who says that librarians are scary?

Having previously failed to convince Surrey libraries to stock my self-published titles, I was delighted to be invited to Redhill to talk to a packed room of librarians and key influencers. But, whilst my intention was to bust a few myths, I was also interested to learn about the obstacles as they see them. If the publishing…
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For aspiring writers in need of inspiration, look no further. I was thrilled to read about the story of grandmother, Myrrha Stanford-Smith, who has just signed a deal with publishers, Honno, at the age of 82. Scanning down the page, it was not surprising to learn that Myrrha’s credentials are not limited to matriarch: she is an actress…
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