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Virtual Book Club: Richard Fulco introduces We are all Together

Today I’m delighted to welcome Richard Fulco to Virtual Book Club, my author interview series in which authors have the opportunity to pitch their book to your book club. Richard’s debut novel, There is no End to This Slope (Wampus), was published in March 2014. His new novel, We are all Together, was published by Wampus…
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The Plutonium Jubilee – a shameful anniversary

70 years after Britain's atomic test programme began, the British Nuclear Test Vets are still waiting for justice

This month, it is seventy (70) years since Britain launched its atomic test programme in the Pacific, and yet Britain remains the only nuclear power to have withheld recognition from its nuclear test veterans. The British Nuclear Test Veterans have met opposition at every step of the way. It’s a subject I’ve blogged about before….
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Virtual Book Club: Paul Marriner introduces Miracle Number Four

Today I’m delighted to welcome Paul Marriner to my Virtual Book Club, my author interview series in which authors have the opportunity to pitch their book to your book club. Paul grew up in a west London suburb (not unlike the suburbs in which his latest book – Miracle Number Four – is based) and…
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The Bookseller’s Wife

Dorcas Lackington, avid reader of novels

I took a small research trip last week to the ancient church of St Mary’s in Merton. Small, because it’s only a ten-minute walk from my mother’s house. As a child, I took ballet lessons in the parish hall, but I rarely ventured inside the church, which dates from the tenth century. My intention was…
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I Think it’s Going to Rain Today

Here in the UK, we had the driest July since 1935, and the draught has continued into the first two weeks of August. And we Brits do not do hot weather well. But as I type I can hear a scattering of rain on the glass of the conservatory roof. The last time we had…
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Virtual Book Club: Alan Fisk introduces Cupid and the Silent Goddess

Today I’m delighted to welcome Alan Fisk to my Virtual Book Club, my author interview series in which authors have the opportunity to pitch their book to your book club. Alan has had many occupations, including economist, Air Force officer, technical writer, fruit picker, editor, and unemployment benefit claimant (not in that order). He has…
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Know your place, boy!

Why social climbers were treated with suspicion in Victorian England

One of the defining features of the Victorian era – the era in which my novel, Small Eden, is set – was its rigid class system. The system and its success depended upon each and every person knowing their place. And if they didn’t know it, they’d soon be reminded of it. The Top Rung…
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Margarita Morris introduces A Long Way From Warsaw

Today I’m delighted to welcome Margarita Morris to my blog. If you have yet to discover Margarita’s wonderful novels, she writes historical fiction, placing ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. As a student of French and German at Jesus College, Oxford, it was an unforgettable trip to Berlin in 1987, including the former East Berlin, that…
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The First Lady Star of the Music Halls

A blog about Annie Adams

I was asked recently if I think that writing is an act of preservation. I have to say I do. I’m related on my father’s side of the family to the music hall star, Annie Adams. I haven’t been able to licence a photograph for publication, but the V&A has an image of Annie in…
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A question of manners (part 1)

A post about Victorian etiquette

Etiquette (/ˈɛtikɛt, -kɪt/) noun. The customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group. What is Robert Cooke to do? A new century will soon be upon him and none of the women in his circle are behaving as he expects. Have they all forgotten the rules? Rule #1: Without…
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