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Virtual Book Club: Drew Neary and Ceri Williams introduce The Clockmaker

This week I’m delighted to welcome Ceri Williams and Drew Neary Virtual Book Club, my interview series that gives authors the opportunity to pitch their novels to your book club. Ceri and Andrew both live in the Midlands and together, they write under the name, Neary-Williams.  The Clockmaker is their first project together. The intention is…
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Virtual Book Club: Aimee Juarez introduces The Sitting Room

Today I’m delighted to welcome Aimee Juarez to Virtual Book Club, the interview series in which authors have the opportunity to pitch their novels to your book club.  Aimee has always had a penchant for history, investigative research, mysticism, lore, spirituality, and the paranormal. Born and raised in sunny South Florida, Aimee grew up dreaming…
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Virtual Book Club: Amna K. Boheim

Today, I’m delighted to welcome Amna K. Boheim Virtual Book Club, an interview series in which I put questions to authors about their latest releases. If you’d like to pose a question, you’ll have the opportunity to do so at the end. (There’s also a giveaway to look forward to!) Amna K. Boheim worked in…
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