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My March Reads

Yes, I know it is 9 April but, in my defence, The Mirror and the Light is very, very long, and I could hardly review half a book. So without further delay, here are my March reads.   A Perfect Explanation by Eleanor Anstruther What drew you to it? This book is a fictionalised account of…
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Smash all the Windows: how I use beta readers

Beta readers are an essential part of my editorial process. I couldn’t do without them. What is a beta reader, and how does this differ from an advance reader? Confusingly, authors use different terms to describe the same role, or sometimes one term is employed to describe different roles. When I use the term ‘beta…
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My Counterfeit Self: Pre-order your copy now!

I’m very excited to announce that my new novel, My Counterfeit Self, is due for release on 1st October, but you can now pre-order your copy of the eBook at a very special price of 99p/99c. (The full price will be £2.99/$3.99.) Can I tempt you? ‘A compelling portrayal of the bohemian life of an…
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Musings on Sweet Caress by William Boyd

I loved the idea of William Boyd’s new novel, Sweet Caress. Who doesn’t look at a ‘found photo’ and wonder about the person pictured? And as for the idea of novel that charts the century through the eyes of a single photographer? Lartique got there first with his Album of a Century. Opening the book for…
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Guest Blog: Bethany Smart’s top eight tips on how to write a book review

Hi, my name is Bethany Smart and I am a fourteen-year-old from Surrey. I have just finished year 9 and during the year I won a national competition for a book review I wrote. The prize includes my review to be published in the Oxford’s new set of classics. I have always been interested in…
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Another five star on Amazon has just made my day. Thank you Kandy from Oxford.


When reading reviews for my book, I have to ask myself who is the better writer. I have today received a heartfelt review from a lady called Mimzi who is saddened by the fact that she is unable to share her favourite reads with a friend who is no longer with us. What she was able…
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